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Miniature Infrared CO2 Sensor Module - S8-4B

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Miniature Infrared CO2 Sensor Module

S8-4B Miniature Infrared CO2 Sensor Module General Description
The S8-4B CO2 sensor module is designed to serve as a CO2 safety switch when built-in into kerosene heaters. The sensor utilizes reliable and highly accurate infrared gas sensing technology. The electronic circuitry is optimized for low power consumption. Because of low current consumption the sensor is suitable for battery applications and has an average current consumption of 2 mA.

S8 can be customized for a variety of alarm and control applications.

S8-4B Miniature Infrared CO2 Sensor Module  Key technical specification


S8-4B Article no. 004-0-0061

Target gas


Operating Principle

Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)

Measurement range

400 to 32000ppm (represented internally in digital format)

Measurement interval

30 seconds


±1000ppm at alarm points between 7000 and 9000 ppm (Note 1)

Pressure dependence

+ 1.6 % reading per kPa deviation from normal pressure

Gas diffusion response time

2 minutes by 90%

Operating temperature

-5 to 60 ºC

Operating humidity range

0 to 95% RH non condensed

Storage temperature

-40 to +70°C

Storage Environment

0-95% RH non condensed non corrosive gases, no contamination to kerosene

Dimensions (mm)

61 x 20 x 8.5 mm (max dimensions)


< 10 grams

Power supply

4.5 to 7.0 VDC unprotected against surges and reverse connection

Power consumption

250 mA peak, 2 mA average

Life expectancy

5+ years in normal indoor / office environments

Compliance with

Tested according

Emission EN 61000-6-3:2007, EN 61000-6-4:2007

Immunity EN 61000-6-1:2007

RoHS directive 2011/65/EU

Output Alarm, Open Drain

Open drain FET; 7V/ 800mA, protected by a zener diode, normally

open, 100kWpull-up resistor to power (+).

8000/6500 (Alarm/Release) Normal state is open.

Transistor conducting at (CO2 > 8000ppm) OR (Unloaded Power

voltage < 4.5V) OR (Loaded Power voltage < 4.0V) OR (Sensor

Failure detected by self-diagnostics)


Forced calibration (assuming 400 ppm exposure).


Full self-diagnostics at power up and continuously running self-diagnostics 

at every measurement.


Note 1: Accuracy is specified over operating temperature range. Specification is referenced to certified calibration mixtures. Uncertainty of calibration gas mixtures (+-2% currently) is to be added to the specified accuracy for absolute measurements.

Electrochemical O2 Oxygen Sensor

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Electrochemical O2 Oxygen Sensor




1.Electrochemical O2 Oxygen Sensor ME2-O2 Description


ME series O2 sensors have low consumption, mini size, high sensitivity, wide range of linearity, and better anti-jamming capacity, good reproducibility,stability and reliability ect advantage. It is electrochemical sensor widely suits for mine, industry and environmental protection field .ect


2.Electrochemical O2 Oxygen Sensor ME2-O2 Features


* Low consumption
* High precision
* High sensitivity
* Extensive linear range
* Strong anti-interference ability
* Excellent repeatability and stability


3.Electrochemical O2 Oxygen Sensor ME2-O2 Application 
Detecting O2 in industry,mine and environmental protection fiel


4.Electrochemical O2 Oxygen Sensor ME2-O2 Parameter





Measurement Range



Output signal

0.250±0.5mA( In Air)



Output signal ±2%


Response time (t90) s



Signal attenuation



Zero drift (ppm)


Clean air

Temperature range (℃)

-20 ~ +50


Temperature drift (ppm)


20 ~ 50℃

Humidity range



Pressure range (kPa)

90 ~ 110


Storage temperature (℃)

0 ~ 20


Storage period (month)



anticipated using life (month)



Max detecting concentration (ppm)






5.Electrochemical O2 Oxygen Sensor ME2-O2 Proucts external dimension



HTF3226LF Frequency Output Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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HTF3226LF Frequency Output Temperature and Humidity Sensor


1. range: 0-99%RH
2.Stable, linear proportional frequency output from 10% to 95%RH


  • Model Number: HTF3226LF
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File


HTF3226LF Frequency Output Temperature and Humidity Sensor


Product Specification


Frequency Output Temperature and Humidity Sensor HTF3226LF




Description of humidity module HTF3226LF 
Based on the rugged HS1101LF humidity sensor, HTF3226LF is a dedicated humidity and temperature transducer designed for OEM applications where a reliable and accurate measurement is needed. It features a miniature connector for easy, cost-effective mechanical mounting. Direct interface with a micro-controller is made possible with the module’s linear frequency output. 

Main features of humidity module HTF3226LF 

(1)Calibrated within +/- 5% RH @ 55% RH. 
(2)10 kohm +/- 3% NTC temperature sensor (1% optional) 
(3)The best combination of cost effectiveness and performance 
(4)Stable, linear proportional frequency output from 10 to 95% RH. 
(5)Stable and reproducible characteristics with temperature. 
(6)High reliability and long term stability. Fast response time. 
(7)Instantaneous de-saturation after long periods in saturation phase. 
(8)High resistance to chemicals. Not affected by water immersion.




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