O2I-Flex Oxygen Sensor Interface Board FEATURES

• Provides the electronics necessary to power and control SST’s range of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2 ) sensors
• Externally triggered automatic or manual calibration. Calibration can also be initiated via an on-board push button
• Power and sensor operating LEDs
• Removable polarised screw terminals for easy wiring

O2I-Flex Oxygen Sensor Interface Board BENEFITS
• Adaptive software filtering provides a fast sensor response coupled with a stable oxygen output
• High accuracy linear output
• Can be calibrated in fresh air (20.7% O2 ) or in any other known O2 concentration

O2I-Flex Oxygen Sensor Interface Board TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

Supply voltage 24V DC ± 10%
Supply current 600mA max. at 24V DC
Digital output RS232
Analogue output 4 ~ 20mA; load 100 ~ 600Ω
or  0 ~ 10V DC ; load 10kΩ min
Temperature limits 

-10°C to +70°C
-10°C to +70°C
Oxygen pressure limits  1 ~ 1000mbar                                  

O2I-Flex Oxygen Sensor Interface Board OUTPUT VALUES

Oxygen range (analogue output) 0.1 ~ 25% Oor 0.1 ~ 100% O2
Oxygen range (RS232 output) 0.1 ~ 100% O2
Accuracy after calibration 1% O2
Repeatability after calibration 0.5% O2
Output resolution:
    0 - 10V DC:
    4 - 20mA:
0.01% O2
Response time (step 10 - 90%)
    Fast response sensor connected:
    Standard response sensor connected:
< 4s
< 15s 
Initial warm up time (till stable output) 5 ~ 10mins
Output inactive start up delay (heater warm up) 60s