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SiC based UV-Index photodetector with integrated amplifier


SiC based UV-Index photodetector with integrated amplifier


◆ General Features


Properties of the TOCON-E1
● SiC based UV-Index photodetector in TO5 housing with diffusor
● spectral response compliant to CIE087 / DIN5050
● 0 … 5 V voltage output
● peak wavelength at 280 nm
● 1 UVI results a voltage of approx. 1.7 V - attenuator needed
● Applications: UV-Index measurement with very small error <+-3%


What is a TOCON?
A TOCON is a 5 Volt powered UV photodetector with integrated amplifier converting UV radiation into a 0 … 5V volt-age output. The V out pin of the TOCON can be directly connected to a controller, a voltmeter or any other data analyz-ing device with voltage input.




Information about the UV-Index (UVI)
The UV-Index is an international standard measurement of how strong the ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is at a particular place on a particular day. It is a scale primarily used in daily forecasts aimed at the general public. The UV-Index is calculated by integrating the sun’s UV spectrum multiplied with the Erythema action curve (see spectral responsivity). That integral is divided by 25 mW/m 2 to generate a convenient index value, which becomes essentially a scale of 0 to 10. The Erythema action curve is a wavelength resolved measure of the sunburn danger. It is maxi-mised at 297nm (UVB) and then strongly decreases towards UVA radiation.nput.




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