SMTAS08USBmini – Evaluation board for Temperature Sensors SMT172


Evaluation Board for 8 Temperature Sensors SMT172


SMTAS08USBmini – Evaluation board for SMT172 Introduction
This document describes an 8 channel temperature measurement system: The New Smart Temperature Acquisition System (SMTAS08usbmini). This system is based on the use of the Smartec temperature sensors SMT172. The SMT172 is a three terminal integrated temperature sensor with a duty cycle output. Two terminals are used for the power supply of and the third terminal carries the output signal. The output signal of the sensor is a duty-cycle-modulated square-wave signal (see Figure 1).

SMTAS08USBmini – Evaluation board for SMT172 Ordering information


SMTAS08USBmini Temperature Acquisition System for 8 Smartec temperature sensors (USB).
SMTAS04USBmini Temperature Acquisition System for 4 Smartec temperature sensors (USB).
SMT172-TO18 Smartec temperature sensor in TO18 encapsulation (metal can)
SMT172-TO92 Smartec temperature sensor in TO92 encapsulation (commercial)
SMT172-TO220 Smartec temperature sensor in TO220 encapsulation
SMT172-SOIC-8 Smartec temperature sensor in SOIC8
SMT172-SOT223 Smartec temperature sensor in SOT223 housing
SMT172-HEC Smartec temperature sensor as small hybrid element